06 Mar

Why do people say to wear green or get pinched on St. Patrick's day? What's so important about green?? Here's what we found, and why...

Green is seen as a color that means wealth, regeneration, harmony, and fertility. It's thought to bring out good luck and wealth and attract good things to you. This originates from the stone Emerald as it is the 'Stone of prosperity' and it does just that. 

If you've ever noticed many bankers and financial institutions use green in their marketing materials, or employees where green. According to astrologers wearing green if you're in a financial career will bring you success.

It's also thought to be a color that soothes, inspires, and relaxes the mind and spirit.

But if you're wondering why green on St. Patrick's day?? You might be thinking, why green of all colors? Well, truth be told, green was not the original color for St. Patrick's day, in fact it was sky blue. In the 1798 Irish Rebellion it was changed to Green, and in the mid 1800's it widely became a tradition to wear green.

So now you know, that's why you're supposed to wear green, but you might be still wondering, why do people pinch you for not wearing green? Folklore legends lead on that if one doesn't wear green they are visible to leprechauns, thus if you're not wearing green leprechauns will pinch you. 

One last thought for you to digest, wearing green can make you look more attractive anytime of the year not just on St. Patrick's day. (And I'm not meaning avocado or fluorescent.. aim for hunter green)

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