27 Dec

Define fashion…Fashion: The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior.Something, such as a garment, that is in the current mode.Manner or mode; way: synonym: method.
Fashion can really be open-ended to be interpreted by each individual in their own way. It is what makes us each unique. In this post I’ll be giving you 3 tips on how to accessorize your daily look.

#1 The Hair 

Did you know one of the first things that make you stand out to people is your hair? Yes, that’s right, it’s not only the smile, the eyes, but also the hair. It’s easy to just comb your hair back and go on your way but just taking a few minutes to style it will go a long way. This goes for boys as well as girls.

#2 The Eyes 

Yes I know what you’re thinking, you’re wondering what hair and eyes have to do with accessorizing your look. Accessorizing is about accentuating and accenting to make something more stylish. Whereas a hint of mascara and eyeliner will definitely make your eyes more bold and stand out. Some prefer to go on the natural side of eye makeup and others bold, I say go with something in between the two extremes.

#3 Headwear 

Have you ever been attracted to or noticed someone because of their hat? It’s true, hats are great accessories. Every year for decades at the Kentucky Derby Horse Race women would wear big floppy hats as a sign of status. Not saying you should wear a hat because of status, but it makes you more fashionable and in winter definitely keeps you warm.

Hope the holidays have treated you all well, and stay tuned for more tips and tutorials!

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