17 Oct

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to make a stunning friendship bracelet! We’ve been sure to include photos of the process to ensure a true step by step guide to make these bracelets. You will also find a link to our favorite yarn that we used to make these bracelets. The best part about this project is it’s easy! Plus you can make so many variations to it.

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Let’s get down to it!

Here’s the supplies you need:

Step 1:

You’ll need 6 pieces approximately 40 inches long. Make sure it’s no less than that as you may end up with it to short and then not have enough to go around your wrist.

Step 2:

With all 6 pieces together, tie one single knot near one end of the strands. You will do this by wrapping it around your finger and pulling the short end through.

Step 3:

Divide your strands into 3 sections, separating 2 strands per a section. 

Step 4:

Begin a classic braid. Continue to braid until you have approximately 11 inches, measuring from your starting knot to your ending knot.

Step 5:

Go ahead and trim your leftover tails so that your frayed ends are about equal. But don’t throw away your lengthy scrap! Next you will use those left over longer pieces to tie your square knot closure. You will begin by folding the thread in half and matching the ends so they’re equal. 

Step 6: 

Your first square knot. You will begin by folding your bracelet so that the ties cross each other. Then place your loop underneath the bracelet and pull the tails through. 

Once you’ve pulled your leftover ends through the loop you will have completed your first knot. Make another loop and pull the leftover ends through. Repeat three more times, then split the leftover ends in two and tie two half knots. Once you have tied your half knots you will weave your tails into the knots and cut off the remaining pieces. For extra protection to prevent the tails coming undone you can take a dab of clear nail polish and brush it over the knots.

Step 7:

Now for the fun part! You will use 3 jump rings (or as many as you want) to attach your chosen charms. I made my charms by crocheting little flowers. (I’ll post a tutorial on that coming soon). You will need your pliers for this step!

That’s it! Enjoy your new bracelet!

See you next time!

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