12 Oct

Are you looking to start a side hustle dropshipping businesss? Or maybe you just started out selling your own products? Here are some common challenges and risks involved when it comes to selling E-commerce.

1. Dealing with Customers orders -

Customer service in specific, not every order is going to arrive as planned, not every customer is going to be pleased, and there will always be a customer that had unreal expectations about the product they bought from you.

2. Shipping challenges - 

Depending on how you ship, shipping out of the country can become hassle some complying with requirements such as: Germany requires you pay a subscription to Lucid as a registered shipper for package recycling. 

3. Site unreliability -

Another aspect to think about, is how reliable the website your selling on is. And I don’t just mean does it check out on Trustpilot. I mean you need to think ahead of how often this selling platform reportedly goes down and can’t process orders, or has payment processing issues. One place to check out possible issues like this is searching a sub-Reddit for the platform such as. 

3. Risks - 

  • Depending on where you sell, Etsy or Ebay..at any time your shop could be suspended or shut down for virtually any reason this has happened to many successful online sellers who then were unable to retrieve their customer base they had prior. (So always have your own website to refer customers too in addition!)
  • Copyright infringement, this could go either way, either unknowingly you infringe on an already copyrighted item or use copyrighted images and end up in a lawsuit. Or someone steals your images & makes knock offs of your items (and sells them on AliExpress..this is currently a thing going on) (or a scammer poses as you on social media and steals your images)
  • If you run your own website if it lacks the right security, if it gets hacked and all of your customers information compromised.

Hope this list of common challenges and risks has helped you! See you next time!

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