05 Oct

Have you ever started a new hobby or project and have absolutely no idea what you’re doing? No worries! Although overwhelming at points, crochet can actually be a relaxing hobby in the end. It doesn’t matter at what age you are starting, crochet is for all. So pick up your hooks and lets get stitching!

1. Right or Left?

Single handedly the most important thing you need to know is which hand you are going to be crocheting with. Unlike knitting, crocheting is usually done with your dominant hand. ALTHOUGH, that being said some people can ambidextrously do crochet. You want to be familiar with which hand you will be using. That hand will be the hand you use the crochet hook in.

2. Learning the hook sizes

Most likely, you will pick one hook size and stick with it.  However, certain patterns, stitches and yarn require different sizes of hooks.  When choosing a crochet hook, the tightness of your crochet can matter. For someone who crochets loosely it is often recommended to size down a hook or two. Likewise, if you crochet tightly it is recommended to size up a hook. B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K are the most commonly used crochet hooks in the United States. If you are doing crochet thread, you will be most likely using 14, 12, and 10.  There are also different hooks labeled as metric and UK hooks.  Always refer to what your pattern is offering. 

Sample photo of crochet hooks

3. Tension

Tension! Tension! Tension!  This is the most crucial part of crochet. If you crochet loosely, your project will be much larger than expected, and you will use less yarn.  Although in some cases loose crochet can be desirable to make a certain look.  Tight crochet is most sought after in crochet thread items while looser crochet might be preferred in something like a swimsuit coverup. So what makes tension tight or loose? Many things. Stress and anxiety and your mood can even play a part in how you crochet. It is much like your hand writing.  That’s why it’s crucial to try to keep the same tension throughout your project.  

4. Only look for beginner projects

I know it’s tempting to jump right into making a sweater or a shawl, but don’t! You will end up frustrated and utterly confused.  When beginning with crochet, I wouldn’t even start with a pattern. Just do a chain, and learn your stitches. Get comfortable with the stitches that you want to do. Before you start a pattern you could also learn the stitch before you make the project. The goal is not to get frustrated because the stitches aren’t quite forming how they should. As a beginner there’s so many variables that can come into play. Maybe you accidentally chose the wrong type of yarn, hook, human error, or maybe your tension hasn’t quite developed yet. Regardless, stay motivated!

5.  Choosing the right yarn

I know, I know! That pretty blue baby yarn is just perfect for your project. BUT. You need the right type of yarn for the right project.  Making a sweater out of crochet thread wouldn’t be as cozy and warm now would it? There are 8 different measurements for yarn. Lace, super fine, fine, light, medium, bulky, super bulky, and jumbo. Generally, Lace, super fine, fine, are all used for smaller items like doilies or swimsuits. Where light might be for babies, medium for a sweater, and super bulky to jumbo for a fun large afghan. 

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