05 Jan

When you hear the word fashion what comes to mind? Abstract garment designs and dramatic lighting as models walk down a stage? You're not wrong in thinking that, but fashion can also be as simple as the seasons.
Yes the seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter. There’s several types of fashion, functional and sophisticated are the two main categories. However there are many subcategories just like artwork and music have different genres so does fashion. But I won’t break that down here, I’ll get to the details.
So you want to look stylish and be unique at the same time?

#1 Don’t overthink it

The more you think about how you look, how you walk or talk, the more difficult it is. So my advice is keep calm and carry on.

#2 Dangling earrings

From my own experience, you can never go wrong with dangling earrings (in some rare cases of god awful ugly earrings, yes you can.) Obviously it’s not always practical to wear, but give them a try and see the compliments pour in.

#3 Clean clothes

This sounds so basic right? You’d be surprised that 7/10 people re-wear at least one dirty item of clothing. So heed my advice, no one wants to smell body odor when they greet you. You’ll also make a better impression if your shirt isn’t wrinkled like you slept in it. So wear clean clothes! :)

Hope this helped you, see you on Tuesday!

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