Pink and White, Braided Square Knot Bracelet with Charms. Delicate and strong but soft cord for a beautiful finish. - 100% mercerized cotton crochet thread size 10 3ply. - This is 100% cotton crochet thread which is great to avoid skin irritation, and can be worn for long periods. This bracelet is made meticulously with care. Pink and white crochet thread charms are all hypoallergenic. - This bracelet is adjustable, if you have a smaller wrist simply pull each cord gently make the bracelet tighter. To loosen the bracelet simply pull the cords the other way to loosen it for a wider wrist or to take off the bracelet. SHIPPING: Your order will be shipped within 1-2 days via U.S.P.S. Everything will arrive in a pink padded envelope packed with care. RETURNS & REFUNDS: Please contact us if you have a issue with your bracelet and we will be happy to help. All images copyrighted by TwinLee. All rights reserved.

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