Handcrafted Gold Keychain with Crochet Daisies and Pearl Accent Add a touch of elegance and charm to your keys or handbag with our exquisite Handcrafted Gold Keychain. Featuring delicate crochet daisies and a lustrous pearl accent, this keychain is the perfect blend of artistry and functionality. Details: - Material: gold-plated keychain ring with snap clip - Crochet Work: Intricately hand-crocheted daisies using high-quality, durable cotton thread - Accent: A single, shimmering pearl adds a classic and sophisticated touch (faux pearl) - Size: Total length (after metal clip) approximately 3 inches (9 cm) Features: - Handmade Craftsmanship: Each keychain is carefully handmade, ensuring unique and high-quality details in every piece. - Elegant Design: The combination of gold, white crochet flowers, and a pearl accent creates a timeless and versatile accessory. - Perfect Gift: Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a thoughtful gift for someone special who appreciates handmade, artisanal items. Usage: - Versatile Accessory: Attach it to your keys, purse, backpack, or use it as a charming bag charm. - Durable and Lightweight: Designed to withstand daily use while maintaining its beauty and charm. Why You'll Love It: This Handcrafted Gold Keychain with Crochet Daisies and Pearl Accent is more than just a keychain—it's a piece of art that reflects your appreciation for handmade, elegant accessories. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting it to a loved one, its delicate design and high-quality craftsmanship will make it a cherished item for years to come.

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