31 Jan

     Whether you’re new or old to the craft of crochet, there’s always room to expand your knowledge base! Choosing a new stitch to learn can be intimidating with the various options available. Intentionally many of us crochet lovers seek out “easy” stitches as the more advanced a crochet pattern is, it becomes stressful. Crocheting is meant to be therapeutic and relaxing and not stressful. So here is a written tutorial on the “Puff Stitch” an “easy” crochet stitch that looks beautiful when complete. 

     First you need the plan and the blueprints, what are you going to make with the Puff Stitch? 

Some ideas of things to make might be:

  • Household Scrubber/Dishcloth
  • Baby Blanket
  • Beanie
  • Sweater
  • Pillow
  • And more!

Once you’ve made the decision of what you’re making, there’s yet two more decisions to decide upon. Choosing a hook size (I used size K), and choose either single crochet or double crochet for your alternate row. The way the puff stitch works is that it is on one side only, (like when you crochet in the back loops only). When you finish a row of puff stitches and turn for the next row if you do another row of puff stitches the puff stitch will be on the wrong side. That is why most of the time patterns will do a row of single crochets or double crochets as the next row. 

     Getting down to the main course, you’re ready to crochet the puff stitch! If you would prefer to watch rather than read, watch the video below. You will start with chaining 40 stitches (that’s what my pattern required, but will vary so only chain the amount of stitch length you need). Once you have your chains, go ahead and do a row of single crochets. Completing your row of single crochets, go ahead and chain one and turn your crochet. Then you will yarn over once and pull through the first stitch, yarn over a second time and pull through the same stitch as before, then yarn over and pull through a third time. This can seem confusing, but the key is counting the 3 times of yarning over and it’ll help you stay on track. Your next step will be to yarn over and pull through all of the loops, then you will slip stitch into the next stitch. Repeat this process until the end of row, then chain (either 1 chain if you’re doing a row of single crochets, or 3 chains for double crochets as your alternate row).

     Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to crochet the puff stitch, and it’s not as hard as you thought it would be was it? It truly is a beginner friendly crochet stitch, for anyone to learn whether you’re an experienced crocheter or whether this will be you’re first project. 

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