22 Sep

Are you looking for something to decorate your front door for the fall or Halloween season? Look no further, in this article I will show you how to make your own fall wreath door hanger. The best part it, it is easy! 

There’s a few different options or ways you can make this yarn wreath, you can go for a Halloween them or a Autumn leaves look. But regardless of which you choose you still will need some supplies. 

Here’s a shopping list of all the supplies you will need:

  • One skein Orange yarn
  • One skein Black yarn
  • One 12’’ Wire Wreath Frame
  • One strand of lights (I used pumpkin lights)
  • One roll Orange ribbon
  • One roll Silver ribbon
  • Pipe cleaners or 22gauge wire

Here’s a list where you can buy them directly:


Got the supplies? Let’s get into making the wreath!

1. Decide on your main color:

The first step is you need to decide what will be your main color yarn in your wreath. I chose to do black because I’m making a Halloween wreath. 

2. You will start to make bundles:

Maybe bundles isn’t quite the right word to call it but it fits the bill. What you want to do is wrap the yarn around your palm 12 times. Once you have wrapped it around your hand 12 times you can cut it. 

3. Cut your ties:

You will then need to cut a piece of the same color yarn about 4’’ long and you will carefully slip the bundle off your hand and tie it with the 4’’ piece. 

4. Tie on to the wreath frame:

Working from the backside of the wreath, you will tie on your bundle to the wreath frame. Tie it in two knots, and don’t worry about cutting the leftovers it won’t be noticeable once you’ve filled the wreath up.

5. Pick your sections:

As I mentioned earlier, there is a variety of ways that you can align the colors in your wreath. I wanted most of my wreath to be black but with just a punch of orange. So I only did two rows of orange yarn at the beginning of each new section.

6. Weave in your lights:

This is of course a optional step, but makes for a fun final touch! To weave in your lights, simply push the yarn to the side and pull the lights through. You can wrap it also around the wreath if you’d like as well.

Hope you found this project fun and enjoyable and stay tuned for more projects! ☺️

If you’d rather just purchase a already made wreath you can find this wreath here:


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