03 Oct

Haven’t heard of a crochet bucket list?

It’s just like any other bucket list but crochet only!

Whether you’re looking for ideas for new projects. Or wanting to make your own crochet bucket list.  In this article, we will cover 10 of our favorite items that we have on our bucket list!

1. Scarf

I want to make a scarf using at least three different types of stitches. Not just for the challenge of it, but to create a unique design. Ideally, the best yarn for a scarf is cotton or wool. Imagine how warm a wool scarf would be! Scarfs can be timeless and a simple addition to any outfit. You could either do an infinity scarf, or a traditional scarf. I personally prefer traditional scarfs.

Sample photo of a scarf.

2. Winter Hat lined with fleece.

Yes, I have made Winter hats before. However! There is always something new to make. My hope this fall is to create a cable knit designed hat that is lined with warm fleece on the inside. Not only will this be a fun new project, but I will have a new warm hat! The hardest part I think about this project would be the cable knit stitch.  

Sample photo of woman wearing knit hat

3. Crochet Pumpkins

I have made crochet pumpkin earrings, and crochet pumpkin hair ties, but it is high time I make a crochet stuffed pumpkin!  What to do with a crochet pumpkin? So many things! They make the perfect home decor, or even cute little keychains.   What I would like to do with them, is make a decorative garland chain of mini little pumpkins.

Sample photo of crochet pumpkins

4. Crochet Ghost earrings

Ghost earrings? Why not! Tis’ the season of spooky Halloween. This fall I would like to create my own pattern using crochet thread to make miniature ghost earrings. They will be the perfect addition to any of my fall outfits as the color goes with everything. I think this would be a quick project for a fall afternoon. Hardest part being, probably creating the tail shape for the ghost.

Sample photo of ghosts

5. Socks

Who doesn’t like warm and toasty socks? Ideally I would like to create my own pattern using cotton or wool yarn. Some people use sock looms, and others free hand crochet the entire sock. I’m partial to trying to free hand the entire project! However, this does not seem like a quick or a beginner project. So bring on the challenge! 

Sample photo of socks.

6. Leaf earrings

These would be perfect for fall!  Before Thanksgiving, I would like to make red maple leaf earrings. Not only would these be perfect all season, but the right accessory for a holiday meal. The hardest part about making these would be figuring out how the first few stitches should go together. When making a new pattern it’s all about experimentation! 

Sample photo of a red maple leaf

7. Crochet Sweater

This is an all time  favorite that everyone can appreciate. Despite looking like an encumber some challenge, this is one of my bucket list items. I would like to make a crochet sweater that  uses the diamond stitch, and has pockets.  This item will definitely be the hardest on the list as I make up the pattern as I go.  Three things to remember, you’ll get through it, it’s not the worst project out there, and it will be cozy in the end!

Sample photo of a crochet sweater.

8. Plant Hanger

I want to make this obviously not just because they look cool, my plants need hangers! I’m going to make it out of some durable thin rope so that it will be strong. When making something like this you need to make sure that your hanger can withstand more than 20lb. Experimenting, my forte, I will try to create my own pattern while using a new medium of rope.  I think the hardest part about this will be creating the pattern. I am planning on making it out of a light green rope, and also crochet it instead of the traditional macrame.

Sample photo of a plant hanger

9. A crocheted Pillow

Yes! They do exist. Ideally it would be fun to make a seasonal pillow of a pumpkin or ghost, but I also want something that I could keep out all year.  I think this project should be pretty straight forward, I’m not planning on doing any special stitches just yet.  I would like to either do a basket weave stitch or a diamond stitch on my pillow.  Also don’t forget, this project needs a pillow form!

Sample photo of a pillow form

10. Crochet Headband

With this project, I would like to create more than just a headband. Incorporating flowers and leaves, designing a fall themed headband.  Not only would this project be fun, but I think it would make for a pretty hair piece. I would use 100% cotton crochet thread for the flowers and leaves. My goal is for the headband to be more of a fall themed crown. The hardest part I think would be sewing the items all together!

Sample of a crown

I hope you have had fun reading through my bucket list. Hopefully you now are inspired to add more to your own crochet bucket list.  My goal in writing this article was to share my ideas, and a list of projects that you all could do as well! As I complete these projects I will come back and write an article with photos of how they turned out! I’ll keep you posted.

Till next time, stay stitching!

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