05 Apr

Easter bonnets.

Have you ever wondered how bonnets got linked to Easter? What was the reason of wearing these fancy hats? 

Well many reasons, some believe it is linked to religious reasons and renewal. Easter usually occurs during the beginning of spring where all the flowers and trees come back to life. Life is renewed. 

Easter bonnets have been traditionally  along with your new Easter clothes, such as an Easter dress or suit. In a way it’s a celebration of life beginning! Traditionally women and girls wore them in the Easter parade. There’s excitement in being able to dress up to celebrate the start of spring.  Having new Easter clothes dates back into the 16th century. in the 19th it was even considered bad luck if you didn’t sport a new Easter wardrobe.

Don’t forget your shoes!

Did you know that wearing white sandals in spring can add just the glow you need to your look? Yes really! From cork sandal heels to white flip flops it offers a neutral color to match with your exuberant floral patterns.

So don’t feel bad about buying that new outfit you’ve been thinking about. The fact is when spring hits we all need a wardrobe overhaul.

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