27 Sep

Have you ever wanted to try making your own earrings, but didn’t know where to start? These fall themed earrings are easy to make and can be styled with most any outfit. Whether you are new to crocheting, or an advanced crocheter looking for a quick project, these will be fun to make!

Close up of Pumpkin crochet earring

Supplies needed:

  • One 8yd skien of Orange Embroidery floss
  • One 8yd skien of Green Embroidery floss
  • Two metal earring hooks
  • One small needle nose pliers
  • Optional, two jump rings
  • Thread scissors (or normal scissors)
  • One crochet thread hook 8/1.500 mm 

I would recommend experimenting with what hook works for you. If you crochet on a tighter scale, then use a bigger hook. If you crochet more loose you may want to size down one or maybe even two hooks. For this item, you want your stitches to be as tight as possible.  With crocheting earrings, crochet thread is most commonly used, however sometimes you just can’t find the right colors! If you have, crochet thread will work just fine! Embroidery floss tends to have a softer feel, but can sometimes split more and be a hassle to deal with.

Close up of Orange crochet Pumpkin earring in hand

Let’s get started! 

If you’ve never done a magic circle before no worries!

When making a magic circle, it can seem daunting and hard to catch onto at first but it become natural eventually. You first start by putting your index finger and your middle finger together. Slowly warp the thread around your finger making an X. Gently with your crochet hook, pull the thread that is closet to the palm of your hand under the other thread. You should now have a look on your hook. Pinch the threads next to the loop on your hook to hold the circle in place. 

Forming the X for magic circle.

Carefully single crochet 6 stitches around the loose circle. Remember tight stitches! When you’ve completed your six stitches, pull the strand to tighten your circle. Don’t worry about it being too tight or too loose at the moment.  Slip stitch to your beginning stitch, and pull the tightening end to close your circle.  It should now be a small circle. 

Round one:

Chain one and single crochet into the first V. You will put two single crochets in each stitch around the circle. At the end of the circle you should have a total of 12 stitches now. 

Round Two:

Chain one. In the first V, do a double crochet. Then in the next stitch do two double crochet. You will repeat and do one double crochet, then two double crochet in each stitch until you round the circle. Slip stitch to your beginning V. Cut your thread about three inches long, then pull the end of the thread through the loop on your hook. 

I usually take both the thread from the middle of the circle and the end thread and tie two-three knots. After tying the knots, I then weave the ends back through my crochet in different directions.

The Green Stem

Tie the green embroidery thread onto your metal crochet hook. Starting at the top of the circle, poke your crochet hook through one of the Vs of your double crochet. Make sure your tail will be on the backside of the orange circle. Pull the green thread through the orange and slip stitch the green. 

Next, chain 5 stitches. 

Round two:

Double crochet in each stitch across. You will now have 5 Double crochet stitches. Slip stitch your end into the second V of the orange pumpkin. Next, cut your green thread about three inches, and pull it through the loop on your metal hook.  Tie your ends into a knot or two and weave them in. (For extra protection split the threads and go different ways)

Attaching the Earring hooks with a Jump ring:

Some people use jump rings, however if you don‘t have them no worries.  Jump rings can make the earring turn a little bit better and or a little bit more durability. For this pattern I didn’t use them, but you wound slip the end of the ring through the crochet thread. Next slip the earring hook onto the ring. Close the jump ring with a pliers. Make sure that your ring doesn’t have space that the thread or the earring hook could fall through

Attaching earring hooks without Jump ring:

With a pliers, bend the small loop of the earring hook open just enough to slip the thread through. Put the metal loop through the top stitches. Make sure when choosing a stitch to select multiple or at least one of the Vs.  When only looping the metal hook through one of the threads, your earring could break loose over time.  With the pliers, close the metal earring hook back in place. 

Close up of crochet pumpkin earrings laying on display card

You’ve now made crochet pumpkin earrings! 

This pattern is simple for the sake of enjoyment. Everyone has different levels of experience, and although you might know how to do it better, or more intricate details that could be added. Sometimes you just want to relax and create something simple. Have fun with your new earrings! Share this with your friends or make them a pair as well! Till next time, best wishes!

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